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The Administration Department

Under Part V -Sub Part B of the Local Government Act 2003 (Sections 44-50), each Local Authority shall, within the limits of the area under its jurisdiction, be responsible for

 (a) subject to the Roads Act

 (i) the cleansing and lighting of all motorways and main roads

 (ii) the construction, care, maintenance, improvement, cleansing

and lighting of all public roads

The collection and removal to approved disposal sites of household, industrial, commercial and agricultural waste and of such other waste as the Minister may direct to be collected and removed.

The undertaking of works of afforestation, terracing and tree planting alongside public roads, and for the purpose of such planting, to cut and remove any tree growing within 7 feet of any public road unless the owner of the land bordering such road elects to cut and remove the tree himself within such time as should be fixed by the local authority.

The provision and regulation of public markets, fairs and places of public auction

The control, care, management, maintenance, improvement and cleansing of all pavements, drains, bridges, beds and banks of lakes, rivulets and streams.

The construction, care, management, maintenance, improvement, cleansing and lighting of squares, open spaces, parks, gardens, bus shelters, public buildings including lavatories, baths and swimming pools, open and dedicated to the use of, or used by the public, not being the property of the State.

The construction, management, maintenance, and improvement of public libraries, exhibition halls and art galleries, theatres, places of public entertainment, playing fields, cemeteries and cremation grounds, nurseries for infants, pre-primary schools

The provision and maintenance of parking places for private cars

The control of pollution causing a public and private nuisance; The organisation of welfare, sports and cultural activities.

The organization and management of technical and commercial courses and the award of scholarships for educational, technical, and commercial courses approved by the Minister

The control of premises used for commercial, industrial, professional and other related activity

The construction of residential buildings, the management, maintenance and improvement of housing estates belonging to the local authority.

The control of hawkers

The provision and maintenance of traffic centres, including bus stations, lorry stands and stands of other public vehicles.

Any undertaking approved by the Minister.

Home Departments Administration Department

At Your Service:

District Council Office

Plaine De Gersigny, Central Flacq

Monday - Friday, 8:45 AM - 4 PM