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The Finance Department

The Finance Department plays a determining role in the overall functioning of the Council. It is composed of three main sections namely, the Income Section, the Expenditure Section and the Stores section https:/....propecia-generico/.

  • To prepare and monitor the Council's budget;
  • To monitor the Council's expenditure and ensure that funds are disbursed in line with existing financial regulations;
  • To ensure that all amounts due to the Council are collected;
  • To prepare detailed accounts of the Council;

To manage the Council's banking business and investments.

Viagra where can i buy in Fairfield California, Buy Viagra 150 mg in Rockford Illinois


Council's main sources of revenue are from the Central Government (Grant-in-Aid), fees payable under the 8th Schedule (18.5%), Entertainment Tax, Advertisement and Publicity Fees, Fees from Markets and Fairs (5.3%) and Interest on Investment (1.7%).

Council's 'own' revenue raising capacity being limited, our budget is financed at 72% mainly by the Government in terms of grant -in-aid.

It is worth pointing out that the bulk of the Expenditure (64.9%) is being incurred by the Works and Health Departments only, as these departments are the main ones which provide the essential services, such as scaveng­ing, construction of roads and drains, street lighting etc.



In order to enhance the level of infrastructure within the Moka/ Flacq area, several projects were undertaken and completed by the Council: a new Traffic Centre at Central Flacq; a new Market at Quartier Militaire and at Saint Pierre and a Reception Hall at the District Council.

Most of the Council's 'own' revenue is collectible from economic opera­tors who pay license fees under the 8th Schedule of the Local Government Act 1989. These fees are payable in advance by 31st January each year, otherwise a sur­charge of 50% is applied if payment is effected after this date.

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