The Public Health Department Since the creation of the Council, the Public Health Department has always played an important role by providing an efficient scavenging service thus ensuring a healthy environment. Furthermore, it is one of the departments which contribute largely to the income of the Council through the issue of trade licences and collection of fees of markets. Other activities under this department comprise of:

  • Maintenance and upkeep of cemeteries;
  • Environment upgrading;
  • Processing application for trade fees. All services are monitored by the Principal Health Inspector, with the support of two Senior Health Inspectors who supervise seven Health Inspectors and five Assistant Health Inspectors.



site de rencontre osv Refuse collection remains one of the main activities of the Public Health Department. Approximately 120 tons of domestic refuse are collected daily by a fleet of 20 vehicles and disposed of in different transfer stations, namely at Poudre D'Or, St Martin and La Brasserie. A new transfer station situated at La Laura, Caroline, is expected to be opera­tional soon. The Council has invest­ed substantial funds for the purchase of up to date vehicles like compactor lorries and recruitment of 90 refuse collectors and purchase of bins so as to provide an efficient service in the 36 village council areas.



conocer personas a distancia There are actually 11 cemeteries under the jurisdiction of the Council, which are regularly maintained and uplifted be cemetery labourers. The cemeteries under the Council are Olivia, Sebastopol, Trou D'Eau Douce, Mare Lobin, Choisy, Poste de Flacq, Beau Bois.

Two cemeteries have recently been vested by village councils to the District Council, namely Unite Cemetery and St Julien D'Hotman Cemetry.


Discover More Here The construction of fairs at Quartier Militaire, Saint Pierre, Camp de Masque Pave and Montagne Blanche have enabled the Council to provide adequate space to traders. The fair at Lallmatie which is actually in a private premise will be transferred in a near future to a new one with better infrastructure. Centre de Flacq will be provided with a new, modern market fair.


see it here There are approximately 8,000 registered economic operators in the D.C. area. Annually about 1,500 applications are processed.


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