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The Public Insfractructure Department

The Works Department is one of the vital departments in the Organisational structure of the Council. It is subdivided into various sections namely planning, road maintenance, workshop and lightning.

How To Get Viagra Prescription in Grand Prairie Texas, Where did you buy Viagra in Warren Michigan


This section is responsible for the maintenance of road infrastructure within the district boundaries. Four teams have been appointed to cater for the maintenance of about 800 kms of road (except main roads).

A team of skilled workers are called upon to carry out various tasks inhouse and on different sites of works from masonry to plumbing works. Mechanics are responsible for the maintenance of a fleet of 45 vehicles.



The lighting section is equipped with four tower ladder lorries to carry out regular maintenance and fixing of street lighting. About 6000 requests are carried out yearly. Moreover, the Council is called upon to participate actively in the realisation of projects including construction of market fairs, construction of kiosks, fencing and upgrading of playgrounds, con­struction and maintenance of Community Centres and Village Halls, creation and maintenance of recreational parks, construction and resurfacing of roads etc.

Home Departments Public Insfractructure Department