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About Flacq

The District of Flacq is sub-divided into 23 VCAs (Village Council Areas) which comprise of: Bel Air Riviere Seche, Bon Accueil, Bramsthan,Brisee Verdiere, Camp de Masque, Camp de Masque Pave, Camp Ithier, Centre de Flacq, Clemencia, Ecroignard,Grande Retraite, Grande Riviere Sud Est, Lalmatie, L'Aventure, Mare la Chaux, Medine Camp de Masque, Olivia, Poste de Flacq, Quatre Cocos, Queen Victoria, Saint Julien, Sebastopol and Trou d'Eau Douce.

Some of the leading five-star hotels of the island, the legendary Puits des Hollandais, a monument commemorating the SMF soldiers lost at sea and the vic­tims of the Heidelberg air crash and the F.U.E.L and Deep River-Beau Champ sugar estates are all situated within the District of Flacq

Home About Us About Flacq

At Your Service:

District Council Office

Plaine De Gersigny, Central Flacq

Monday - Friday, 8:45 AM - 4 PM