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The District of Flacq is sub-divided into 23 VCAs (Village Council Areas) which comprise of: Bel Air Riviere Seche, Bon Accueil, Bramsthan,Brisee Verdiere, Camp de Masque, Camp de Masque Pave, Camp Ithier, Centre de Flacq, Clemencia, Ecroignard,Grande Retraite, Grande Riviere Sud Est, Lalmatie, L’Aventure, Mare la Chaux, Medine Camp de Masque, Olivia, Poste de Flacq, Quatre Cocos, Queen Victoria, Saint Julien, Sebastopol and Trou d’Eau Douce.



The Council

Chairperson: Mr. JUGOO Ravi

Vice Chairperson: Mr. RAMRUP Chandradeo

Chief Executive: Mr Gopaul Dheeraj

List of Chairperson and Vice Chairperson Village Council

List of District Councillors

District Council’s Magazine 2022

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Lallmatie Market/Fair – EOI/01/2021/2022 Held on 15.04.2022 at the District Council of Flacq

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EOI/02/2021/2022-Expression of Interest to Enlist Trainers/Instructors

Expression of Interest – Application Form

Building and Land Use Permit (BLUP) Applicants are hereby informed that, with effect from Tuesday 16 July 2019, online application for BLUP 1, 2 & 3 for the District Council of Flacq should be submitted on the Government of Mauritius Business Licensing Platform https://business.edbmauritius.org instead of the current Local Authorities Portal.

Applicants are hereby requested to register with an email address on the Government of Mauritius Business Licensing Platform in order to use the online service.

For further query, please contact the Land Use and Planning Department on 416-2600/ 413-7867 during business hours or email us on plafdc@mail.la.govmu.org.


Notification of Award of Procurement Contract – FLACQ/ IFB/2021/114 –  Resurfacing/ Construction of roads

Notification of Award of Procurement Contract – FLACQ/IFB/2021/109 – Construction of Drains within the jurisdiction of Flacq

Notification of Award of Procurement Contract – FLACQ/IFB/2021/104 – Cleaning and Unclogged of Rivers, Rivulets, Canal, Streams and Watercourses within the Jurisdiction of Flacq on an As and When Required Basis

Notice of Procurement Award FLACQ/IFB/2021/86 – Supply of Street Lighting Materials on and As and When Required basis

Notice of Procurement Award RBD/10/2020-2021-Flacq/IFB/2021/54

Notice of Procurement Award OAB/03/2020-2021-Flacq/IFB/2020/34

Notice of Procurement Award OAB/04/2020-2021-Flacq/IFB/2020/42

Notice of Procurement Award OAB/02/2020-2021/FLACQ/IFB/2020/20

Notice of Procurement Award OAB/01/2020-2021/FLACQ/IFB/2020/13

Notice of Procurement Award W/RBD/07/2019-2020

SC/OAB/02/2019-2020 :  Procurement of Street Cleaning,Refuse Collection and Disposal       Services including Carting Away of Post-Cyclonic Waste in the Coastal Village of Trou d’eau Douce

Compilation of Registered Associations/Sports Club/Associations/ Non-Governmental Organisations found within the District Council of Flacq Area

Expression of Interest for Occupation of Booth/Stall/Space at Central Flacq market/fair and Lallmatie Fair-NOTICE NO. EOI 3/2019

Expression of Interest- Enlistment of Trainers/Instructors for Yoga,Self-Defence, Zumba, Physical Activitiesand Gym Instructor

W/OAB/04/2018/2019 – Construction of Four Mini Synthetic Soccer Pitches within the jurisdiction of the District Council of Flacq for the Financial Year 2018/2019

W/OAB/03/2018/2019- Construction of Absorption/Covered Drains within the jurisdiction of the District Council of Flacq for the Financial Year 2018/2019

CPB/18/2018- Design and Build of a New Market Fair at Bel Air Rivière Seche

Award of Procurement Contract W/OAB/06/2017/208


W/OAB/02/2018/2019 – Construction of Access Roads and Lanes across villages in Constituency No.9 – Falling under the jurisdiction of the District Council of Flacq