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The Human Resource Section of this Council is manned by a Senior Human Resource Officer Mrs. A. Aumeer Babooa who is assisted by Miss. Ansuya Kental, Human Resource Officer and Mrs. Medha Lochan, Management Support Officer. These Officers form a team which is very dynamic and pro-active.  The HR section is primarily concerned with how people are managed within the organization focusing on policies and systems.

The strategic role of Human Resource Section is to make optimum use of its human resources in order to achieve the organizations strategic objectives. The Human Resource Section is considered as the backbone of our organization as it is expected to add value, enhance stature, capacity, competencies, contribution and credibility of our staffs and proactively positioning the staff agenda for sustainable results.

The HR Section is typically responsible for a number of activities such as:

  • HR Planning & manpower balancing in line with organization’s mission & objectives.
  • Process Appointment, Confirmation, Promotion & Retirement
  • Training & Development
  • Performance Appraisal & Reward Management   – Aligning HR Practices with performance
  • Discipline – applications of Human Resource policies, rules, regulation & procedures in a consistent manner.

The above mentioned activities are undertaken in order to ensure compliance with terms and conditions of service as specified in PRB Reports, HRM Manuals, Local Government Service Commission Regulations, Local Government Service Commission Act, Local Government Act 2011 and other relevant manuals governing the Local Authorities.